INVASIVES: Home Invasions

Home Invasions concerns questions about human relationships with the natural world, including awareness of biodiversity and invasive species of plants.

These images, in which plants dominate common domestic scenes, also consider the historical role of plants in domestic human life. Most Americans today do not incorporate plants into daily life as our ancestors did—or as many other cultures still do. Yet some of today’s most invasive plant species have important value; for example Brazilian Peppertree (Schinus terebinthifoia) is effective in treating the antibiotic-resistant MRSA infection, and tinctures made from Japanese Knotweed (Fallopian japonica) are used to treat Lyme disease. There is a growing subculture of foragers who advocate "eating the weeds" for better nutrition.

In a world overpopulated with humans, these invasive plants species are knocking at the door: should we let them in?